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oducts to meet market demand," Zhao said.The report said, ▓for example, that in Southeast Asia there are more than▓ 3,000 captive elephants being exploited for tourism and recreational activities. More than three-fourths of the▓m are housed in harsh environments, restrained with chains, separated from their mothers and forced to undergo br▓utal training.In Thailand, for example, the number of elephants used for recreational tourism increased from▓ 1,688 to 2,198 from 2010 to 2016, and 38 cases of▓ injured elephants - 17 resulting in death - were reported at the same time."The positive thing is that more▓ people have the sense to protect animals and are wil▓ling to participate in animal-friendly tourism activit▓ies," Zhao said.Although respondents showed higher▓ recognition of animal-friendly tourism, the report also sho▓wed room for improvement in awareness of whether sp▓ecific activities harm animals.For example, 42.5 p▓ercent of respondents did not realize that watching animal performances and paying to have photos taken can be abusive.Liu Shang, 27, a Shanghai resident who cl▓aimed to have "itchy feet", said he would ride an elephant if it's included in the travel packag

e, but he wouldn't hold a grudge if such a service were not avail▓able, especially once its negative impact was known."Honestly, I didn't know that riding an elephant could caus▓e so much negative influence on wildlife," Liu said. "Now that I know, I will only participate in activities that are animal-friendly."More than 190 tourism companies around the world have made a public commitment not to provide e

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    istic, the company has called off activities such as elephant rides.▓ Instead, it is now providing animal-friendly programs such as helping a baby elephant take a shower or using elephant feces to make recycled paper to encourage and cultivate environmental and animal protection awareness."Canceling the related activities had no obvious i▓mpact on our revenue," Ge said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatP


atrick trains his pets by rewarding them with treats when they get the tricks right. He plans to enter Britain's Got Talent after teaching his chick▓ens to perform card tricks.More galleriesAnimal tra▓iner teaches chicken to perform tricksPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code▓ to follow us on Wechat'+sli.text()+'When you come to a city for the first time, every street can be an interesti▓ng site, and taking a bus to visit is a good option.Rock carvings record lives of primitive peopleRock carvings record lives of primitive people11-19-2019 16:12 BJTI went to Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonom▓ous Region in September. I was well prepared and had m▓y cell phone fully charged.I left for the city from Beijin▓g and the flight took less than two hours. The plane flied above the mountains. It was a good day with great visi▓bility, ideal for capturinglandscape. The Yinchuan Munic▓ipal Government has attached great importance to develop tourism. It has cooperated with the local Liuliu New ▓Energy Company to offer electric sightseeing buses for visi▓tors to get there. The buses started its trial operatio▓ns in August this year and are free of charge. Passengers ▓can wait for the bus at the bus stops along Beijing Road▓. The bus departs from downtown and stops at major tourism sites in northwest of Yinchuan, including the wine chateau,▓ Zhenbeipu Film Studio, Suyukou Forest Park and Helan Mountain. The earliest bus departing from downtown is 8 a.m. and the interval between two buses is about an hour. Images on rocks were drawn in various styles with profound connotations. Dating back to some 6,000 years,the▓y depict animals, plants,

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